StableFuel is an advanced dApp, please read all documentation carefully and Be sure to read the usage guide!


StableFuel is a mining platform which offers up to 8% in BUSD rewards per day from your initial deposit. Like Rktfuel, you either re-fuel (compound) every 24 hours or claim your rewards using a 6-1 strategy into the protocol ensuring sustainability. The 6-1 strategy means re-fuelling each day for 6 days and claiming your rewards on the 7th day. StableFuel has an early withdrawal penalty of 60% if claiming within the 6 days to further encourage sustainability.

What does "up to 8%" mean?

The daily return is up to 8% of your initial deposit which is dependent on several factors such as how often people are claiming rewards, the time of day you re-fuel or deposit, and TVL fluctuation.
StableFuel has many special features that maximize the rewards and and sustainability for everyone. For example having mandatory re-fueling and rewards cutoffs ensures no one can abuse the system and stray from the 6-1 strategy. With the 6-1 strategy you refuel for 6 days and claim a day of rewards on day 7.

What is the price of StableFuel?

StableFuel does not have a calculable price. The higher the TVL, the more BUSD per StableFuel and vice versa.

Can I get my initial back?

No - StableFuel is a locked rewards pool. You earn your initial back over time through the rewards in the dApp.

What does re-fuelling (compounding) do?

When you re-fuel (compound) your rewards, you are hiring more miners which increases your StableFuel. StableFuel tracks how much of a share of the rewards in the pool you will be earning each day. Rewards come directly out of the TVL. StableFuel is inflationary so to maintain your share of the rewards, you must re-fuelling every day and stick to the 6-1 strategy. If you don't, your share of rewards will simply decay and you will earn less.

How do referrals work?

If you refer a friend you will earn 8% of the BUSD used to buy StableFuel in referral rewards, an additional 1.2% can be earned trough the various ArtemisX bonus tiers for a total of 9.2%.

What are the fees?

There is a 5% fee on BUSD deposits and withdrawals. These fees are used for the improvement and sustainability of the ArtemisX ecosystem.
60% early withdrawal tax (re-fuel multiplier is not reset for early claims). Standard BSC network gas fees are required for EVERY transaction including deposits, claims and re-fuels.

ArtemisX token integration and bonus tiers

Holding ArtemisX tokens gives extra bonus rewards. Every re-fuel increases your re-fuel bonus depending on the tier you are in. For example, if you are on your 4th re-fuel and have 2000 ArtemisX tokens (Tier 5) you will have a re-fuel bonus of 4%. The maximum bonus that can be achieved with Tier 5 is 12.1% on claim day. After a re-fuel cycle of 11 re-fuels this bonus is reset.
Tier 1: 150 ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.1% re-fuel bonus Tier 2: 450 ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.2% re-fuel bonus Tier 3: 650 Artemisx gives a stacking 0.3% re-fuel bonus Tier 4: 1000 ArtemisX gives a stacking 0.5% re-fuel bonus Tier 5: 2000 ArtemisX gives a stacking 1% re-fuel bonus
An additional stacking 0.1% re-fuel bonus up to 1.1% is given as a loyalty bonus to anyone who holds over 1000 ArtemisX tokens. This loyalty bonus stacks with the bonus tiers.

Is this sustainable?

Yes, as long as there is TVL in the contract then there will always be rewards. StableFuel is the latest development in miner contracts and has the following features aimed specifically at sustainability:
  1. 1.
    A 24 hours earnings accumulation cut-off
  2. 2.
    A mandatory re-fuel system where if a claim is made before someone has re-fuelled 6 times a withdrawal penalty is paid
  3. 3.
    The early withdrawal penalty of 60% is locked into the contract as TVL

What is the best yield strategy?

manually re-fuelling every 12-14 hours and claiming on the 7th day without the early withdrawal tax. If you do not stick to this, your rewards will decrease.

I bought 100 BUSD worth of STABLEFUEL but i only see xxxx STABLEFUEL, where did my BUSD go?

The BUSD is automatically used to hire miners, which create your StableFuel yield.

Can I track my referrals?

Yes, the dApp shows your total referral rewards and your referral count. All other data and transactions are publicly available on BscScan.

What happens to my earnings if I make a new deposit?

If you have earnings that have been unclaimed these will automatically be compounded when you make another deposit.

What if I do not re-fuel/compound?

1) If you do not keep re-fuelling, you daily rewards will keep diminishing. By re-fuelling you are hiring more miners that keep up your rewards earning share. 2) You can only build up to 24 hours' worth of rewards. If you do not re-fuel or claim, those rewards will not increase after 24 hours.
3) StableFuel forces you to go through 11 re-fuels before you can claim without the early claim tax.

I use brave browser and dont see any buttons in dapps?

Brave has updated their own crypto wallet and now interferes with Metamask and other wallets. To fix this ,do the following: Navigate to brave://settings/wallet in brave by inputting it in your navigation bar, then set your 'default cryptocurrency wallet' to 'none' and restart Brave.