RocketFuel is a mining platform where you deposit BNB into the protocol, and earn BNB back at a daily % rate. This rate is dependent on multiple factors. When you start earning BNB, you can either re-fuel (compound) or claim your rewards through our dApp.

What is the price of ROCKETFUEL?

RocketFuel does not have a set price. The higher TVL, the more RocketFuel per BNB and vice versa. There is no calculator.

How much can I earn with RocketFuel?

The daily percentage is up to 8% which is dependent on several factors such as how often people are claiming rewards, the time of day you re-fuel or deposit, and TVL fluctuation.

Can I get my initial back?

RocketFuel is a locked rewards pool. You earn your initial back over time through the rewards in the dApp.

How do referrals work?

If you refer a friend you will earn 12% of the BNB they used to Buy&Lock Rocketfuel. You must an existing deposit in RocketFuel to receive the referral.

What are the fees?

5% fee on deposits and withdrawals. These fees are used for the improvement and sustainability of the ArtemisX ecosystem.
Standard BSC network gas fees are required for EVERY transaction including deposits, claims and re-fuels.

Is this sustainable?

Yes, as long as there is TVL in the contract then there will always be rewards. People who claims too much get punished with lowered rewards.

What is the best yield strategy?

We recommend re-fuelling 6 days, and claiming once a week.

I bought 1 BNB worth of ROCKETFUEL but i only see xxxx RKTFUEL, where did my BNB go?

The BNB is automatically used to hire miners, which create your RocketFuel yield.

Can I track my referrals?

All data and transactions are publicly available on BscScan.

If I claim too often will my reward % go down?

Yes, that’s likely to happen as you are pushing down the price of ROCKETFUEL and keeping a static reward %. Re-fuelling increases your reward %.

What happens to my rewards if I make a fresh deposit?

If you have rewards that have been unclaimed, when you make another deposit, those rewards will automatically be re-fuelled.

Does the daily reward % decrease if the TVL is not increasing? Or does the daily reward % only decrease when people sell their rewards a lot?

If the TVL decreases it is likely that your reward value in BNB will decrease also. Re-fuelling can counteract this however. If the RKTFUEL price goes down, you get less BNB per RKTFUEL staked, but re-fuelling increases your relative reward %.
(The chances are that the speed at which your mining rate will grow, surpasses the speed at which the price will decline).
Unrealized re-fuel is an estimate and not a direct feed. As your rewards are a share of a pool, if the pool decreases, the rewards you do not re-fuel or claim do too.

I use brave browser and dont see any buttons in dapps?

Brave has updated their own crypto wallet and now interferes with metemask and other wallets. To fix this do the following: Navigate to brave://settings/wallet in brave by inputting it in your navigation bar, then set your 'default cryptocurrency wallet' to 'none' and restart brave.