Deflationary BUSD Rewards Token
How did you choose the name? NASA is currently conducting rocket tests for its Artemis missions with the aim of going back to the Moon.
In August 2022, Artemis Mission-I will spend 6 days orbiting the moon before returning to Earth. NASA hope to have the first female astronaut on the Moon by 2025 using SpaceX’s Starship.


ArtemisX is a deflationary BUSD rewards token.
  • Simple Hodl & Earn - simply hold $ARTX tokens in your wallet and you will automatically receive BUSD rewards periodically.
  • ArtemisX BUSD Reflections - 5% of all trading fees are distributed to all holders as BUSD rewards. The more trade volume the more rewards.
  • Expanding ecosystem - ArtemisX is at the core of an ever expanding ecosystem. Holding ArtemisX will give access to all other projects and tools which can bring you increased passive income and profits!
  • Auto Token Burn - ArtemisX automatically burns 1% of all trading fees to the Sun. The more volume, the more is burned reducing the circulating supply making the supply constantly deflationary.
Last modified 1yr ago